Deputy HM Chilipo Gunda – Founder and Teacher

Winnie Msachi (y10) – President


The wildlife club is one of various clubs we have at Mzuzu International Academy. The club happens to be one of the biggest and most successful club that was found in 2012 by our very own Deputy Headmaster Mr. Gunda.

In the same year the club established a compost manure site at the school to promote the use of organic fertlisers from organic material than the use of artificial fertlisers which eventually, over time harm the environment. A 9 hour trip was also done in the same year from the school to Nyika national park.It is one of the national parks in the northen region that has a variety of animals and plants.

Wildlife days have also been a key factor for the club to raise awareness about the club. All members of the school are required to wear something green or environmental friendly. Tree planting projects are some for the activities that the club does. The clubs fundraises money, buys the trees and then plant them around the school