James Chinula

Esther Njikho(y10) – Universal Player | CostanceMhone (y10)- Setter (Vice Captain) | VicknessChiumia (y10) – Spiker  (Captain) | Martha Kaunda (y10) – Spiker | MadalitsoMbewe (y8) – Universal Player | Aisha Osman (y10) - Team Advisor


The club Started in 2011 by the ICT Teacher and VolleyBall specialist Mr Chinula. 30 members enrolled at the start and by 2013 the team remained with 20 people only. The volleyball clubs greatest achieve was winning the National, Regional and city championships around Malawi.

Apart from those achievements mentioned above the club has won all games played with schools around Malawi and have lost only one match on the National level.