Russell Makonyola

Rahim Michael Sadik(y10) – (President) | Mathew mbale(y10) – (Vice President) | Tamara Msachi (y10) – (Coordinator) | MalumboMsutu(y10) – (Project manager)


ICT is one of the subjects that students at the academy enjoy. The club was first thought about to help students interact and solve problems together that they might face in an examination situation. The club was founded by Mathew Mbale & Rahim Michael sadik with the help of Russell Makonyola.

The club has only been running for a few months so the achievements are minimal. Growth has also been really slow due to other clubs meetings happening at the same time. The members have created and looked at a number of things like website authoring and databases in particular.

The club offers more than information, communication and basic knowledge on technology, It helps students to promote group working and interaction with each other when asking for help. Another key factor that leads to a better grasp of the subject is the ability to physically do some of the things learnt in class, this helps the student because it gives then a real life experience which eventually boosts interest.