Russell Makonyola , Rahim Michael Sadik | Winnie Msachi(y10) – (Captain) |Tamara Msachi(y10) – (Forward) | Tupochele Chatuwa – (Forward) |Madalitso Mbewe(y8) – (Foward) | Tuntufye Mwemelupembe – (Point Guard, Shooting Guard) |Faith Mbale(y8) – (Shooint Guard, Point Guard) | Faith Soko(y10) – (Center) |Martha Kaunda(y10) – (Center) | Promise Chipeta(y8) – (Center) |Malumbo Msutu(y10) – (Forward)


The Interest of basketball has been uplifted after the availability of resources and facilities over the years. The girls also saw a gap to be filled with their talent. The club has only been in existence for a couple of months but the progress is great. Lead by The senior coach Rus Mak and his student the assistant coach Sadik.

The MIA girls have played only four games but unfortunately they have lost all the games. The result margin after each match is decreased by a lot leading to the idea of improvement.

This club does not only offer playing and experiencing the wonderful game but brings the girls  together and helps in building character and relationship amongst each other. Coordination with each other is an important factor that the club offers which also applies in class and into the world.