Thursday, April 19, 2018


Appreciation Message

Book Donation.
Being an international school it is often easy to over look the rich and varied culture we actually live in. We were therefore delighted to receive a donation of two books by a local author last week. Dr. Austin Mkandawire a very well known member of the medical profession here in Malawi provided us with copies of his autobiography and a biography of Albert Muwalo Nqumayo a prominent personality in the history of Malawi.
‘Living My Destiny’ a medical and historical narrative
‘Albert Muwalo Nqumayo’  His Life and Times His Death and Legacy.
Both books will be placed in the library and made available for students to borrow and read.
On behalf of the school community we would like to thank Dr. Mkandawire for his donations.
Peter Yates MBE MA B.Ed Hons FRGS
Mzuzu International Academy.