Thursday, April 19, 2018


About Mzuzu International Academy

Q: Are the teachers qualified and do they have university degrees?

A Yes. All of our teaching faculty have university degrees and almost half hold graduate degrees. Also, all subjects from Y7 to Y11 are taught by subject specialists.

Q: How many students are in a class Mzuzu International Academy?

A There will be no more than 25 in classes in Years 1 to 9. Groups in Year 10 and 11 will be smaller depending upon subject choice.

Q: What is the school’s approach to discipline?

A The school is more interested in helping to change thoughtless or irresponsible behaviour than in punishing by suspension or expulsion. However, in cases where warnings go unheeded or where there is a serious breach of school rules, students may be suspended or expelled. Serious offences include theft, bullying, drugs, smoking and alcohol.

Q: What type of student will succeed at Mzuzu International Academy?

A Our students are committed to academic excellence and community involvement. Passionate leaders, skilled athletes, and innovative entrepreneurs are just some of the diverse types of students who thrive in the challenging Mzuzu International Academy environment.

Q: What universities will Mzuzu International Academy graduates attend?

A: One hundred percent of our graduates attend leading universities within Malawi, Africa, the US and all over the world.


Q: Are entrance tests required for everyone?

A  Entrance tests are required for all students applying for Years 2 - 11. Year 1 students wiill be assessed by qualified members of staff and the headteacher.

Q When are applications due?

A In general, all applications should be submitted before the end of February of the year of entry. For example, if a student was hoping to begin at Mzuzu International Academy in September, their application should be received before March 1. It is highly recommended to apply earlier.

Q Is there an age limit at Mzuzu International Academy?

A Yes. Mzuzu International Academy does not register students who are or will be 19 years of age or over in their graduating year.

Q How long does it take to find out if a student has been accepted?

A The entrance test is marked immediately it is finished and depending upon school reports a place can be offered there and then.

Q: Can I talk to current parents or students?

A Several of our past and current parents have volunteered to call, email or meet with potential families about their experience with Mzuzu International Academy. We can also connect students with peers and arrange for them to spend a day at Mzuzu International Academy.


Q Can boarders take an extended Christmas or Spring break holiday?

A The school provides generous vacation time throughout the year. Students are expected to be present for all academic and examination days. Special permission to be absent during the academic days can only be granted by the Headteacher of the school.

Q When do I find out who my roommate is?

A Students meet their roommates when they arrive for school in September.

Q What do boarders do on weekends?

A Almost every weekend, boarding students can partake in an array of activities.

Q How much money will I need each month?

A How much additional money a student will need depends on what they do outside of school hours. Typically, parents set up an allowance through the school that ranges from $10-20 a week. This is used to cover entertainment as well as off-campus shopping and Tuck Shop money.

Q Can I go home on weekends?

A No. The weekend Boarding experience is as important as the week days. Special permission is needed to leave for the weekend. Typically, boarders cannot go home the first weekend of the school year and the weekends after longer holidays.

Q Can boarders stay at the school during the holidays?

A Boarding students are expected to return home or travel during breaks of a week or longer. Short one or two days holidays can be spent at school. However, students can arrange home stays with other students and their families.


Q What do boarding fees cover?

A Boarding fees cover the costs of living in residence, food, housecleaning, House outings, transportation to school events, as well as travel to all-boarders outings.

Q Is there a Scholarship program? How do I apply?

A Yes. Applications for Scholarships are made using the appropriate form available from Administration.

Q Are the Entrance Test and registration fees refundable?

A Neither the application fee nor the registration fee is refundable.

This page contains most frequently asked questions. Please direct all other questions through the Contact Us Page.