Thursday, April 19, 2018


Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Students, Colleagues and All friends of Mzuzu International Academy,

Firstly on behalf of Mrs Yates and myself may I thank those of whom we have met for the very warm welcome to this part of the ' warm heart of Africa'. We hope to meet many more members of the School's family in the coming weeks and welcome you to our rapidly developing  campus.
No doubt many members of the school community are very keen to find out  about the new Principal and his wife. Well, we are both British Qualified teachers with many years of experience in working and leading in a variety of school systems across the globe. We come to Malawi after three very interesting years at very successful schools in Lagos Nigeria. Mzuzu is certainly different from Lagos!
We have just spent most of our summer at home in the UK enjoying the presence of our new grandson and his parents. Finley's mum, our only daughter, is also a teacher and is currently based in Cairo.
Having worked in Zambia and visited Malawi many years ago the prospect of returning to this beautiful and friendly country is very exciting, made even more enticing by the prospect of leading such an exciting  project as Mzuzu International Academy. We have both worked in highly successful schools which have achieved outstanding examination results. We have high expectations of our new students and, to borrow from an Italian washing machine company, believe in 'excellence as standard' . Our philosophy of education is really very simple and we. will constantly stress to all our students the little words ' if it is to be it is up to me' . We both believe that all students are capable of the highest levels of learning but as the English say ' you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink'. The philosophy of the school under my leadership will therefore have learning at its centre, whatever we do must have a positive impact on student learning.  It is my fervent hope that I will have the opportunity to meet with parents over the coming months and should you have any concerns whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact me. My office door is always open, please feel free to visit school at any time, if I am available I will always see parents. If you want to guarantee to see me please make an appointment via the school office. Please bring issues to me when they arise no matter how trivial they may seem, it's much easier to deal with issues as they arise rather when they have built up.
This is also a good time to congratulate our founder Mrs Keys on the award of a very well deserved honorary doctorate from Mzuzu University for her work in the community. I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Anna on this tremendous achievement.
See you in school and very best wishes to you all for the new school year.

Peter Yates MBE